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Your ERP system needs a health check

How long has it been since you gave your ERP system a checkup? Even the best enterprise resource planning system needs regular monitoring to make sure it’s keeping up with the changing demands of your business. Aging software, conflicting configurations, unnecessary add-ons, and obsolete processes can all contribute to slower performance, user frustrations, and inefficiencies that can transform your enterprise resource planning software into more of a problem than a solution.

Does your ERP system resolve business problems?

Your business grows and evolves every day. Can your ERP system say the same? You need an ERP system that anticipates and adapts to the speed of business. Our four-pronged approach helps you maximize your ERP software.

  1. Evaluate your system and business needs
  2. Diagnose performance problems
  3. Identify gaps in security and functionality
  4. Interview users to identify problems and pain points

Whether you’re looking for prevention or treatment, Aprio’s ERP Health Check will give you the answers you need.

Does your business use all ERP modules?

Business models change; companies update old systems, adopt new ones and reconfigure existing processes to better fit their needs; and even mission-critical modules can go from critical to outmoded over the years. Aprio’s ERP Heath Check will assess and evaluate whether your ERP system modules are necessary, functional, and aligned with current business processes.

Is your ERP system being used the way you want?

Aprio’s ERP Health Check includes a full review of license usage and adoption rates to identify opportunities for cost savings or increased adoption.

An ERP Health Check will help you determine if your ERP software has the flexibility toadapt to changing landscapes, and the scalability to meet growing challenges, as well as identify the features, functions and modules your business does and doesn’t need as you move forward.

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Security Assessment

Vulnerabilities can arise as software ages and vendors cease providing security updates. An ERP Health Check will give you an in-depth assessment of what vulnerabilities exist and show how to protect your system against cyberattacks.


Scalability Planning

An ERP Health Check will tell you whether or not your system is equipped to support your company’s future growth requirements. If it isn’t Aprio’s team will give you a comprehensive set of recommendations for systems that will be able to grow along with your business.


Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and reporting are two of the most important functions of any ERP system. As part of an ERP Health Check, Aprio will interview users to identify gaps in functionality and what additional features or functions they would like added to your system.



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