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Navigating the unknown in your dental practice

For dental practice owners, navigating the current economic landscape feels a lot like driving to an unknown destination without a roadmap. But there are small, measured steps you can take today to manage the “unknown” in your practice and reduce potential risks. Scroll down to learn more.

Video: Setting the stage for success in today’s economy

In this video, Aprio’s Trent Watrous, Caroline Galbraith and Simeon Wallis provide a comprehensive economic update for dentists, covering everything from inflation to the possibility of a recession. Watch now for key details you should know and how to prepare for the unexpected.

Trent Watrous


Ways to stay ahead of the curve


5 Critical Tasks Dentists Often Forget

While you’re focused on patients, it’s easy to let certain business tasks fall by the wayside. Click below to see what you may be overlooking.

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An Unexpected Game Changer for Dentistry

What’s the risk of not implementing electronic payment systems in your dental practice? You may be surprised at what you stand to lose.


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Podcast: Is Your Financial
House of Cards in Order?

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If you take the time to understand how your economic engine is working, you can be profitable in almost any endeavor. Bill Dupee, Transaction Advisory Partner at Aprio, doesn’t want to see someone jump to do a deal just to do a deal or because an unsolicited one is being offered.

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