Got friends that would make great Aprio team members? Refer them to Aprio! The Aprio alumni referral program pays cash rewards for referrals that result in successful full-time hires. It’s a win-win proposition for you, your qualified referral and Aprio! Complete the form on this page to refer a friend.

How to refer a friend

  1. Be an eligible Aprio alumni
    To be eligible you must have left Aprio in “good standing.”
  2. Collect your referral’s information
    Gather your referral’s first and last name, email address, phone number, place of residence and a soft copy of your referral’s resume. For more information on Aprio job titles and open positions check out Aprio Career Opportunities.
  3. Complete Aprio’s alumni referral form
    Complete and submit the referral form on this page. We’ll take it from there!

Terms, conditions and awards

Award payment conditions – We like to keep things simple. To receive an Aprio alumni referal award the following conditions must be met:

  • Canidates must be hired for a “full-time” position (i.e. 30 hours minimum per week).
  • The referring alumni must be solely responsible for introducing the new hire to the firm.
  • There must be no other recruiting fees associated with the new hire.
  • Sorry, campus recruits, interns and former Aprio employees do not qualify.
  • Referred hires must successfully complete 90 day’s with the firm.
  • Note: All rewards over $600 are considered taxable income and will require a W9.